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In loving memory of our friend Elio Locatelli…


The news of Dr Elio Locatelli’s passing is a great shock to the Athletics Coaching Community, not only in Italy and Europe but across the World. 

He was a larger than life character who enriched development of Coaches and Coaching both through his depth of technical knowledge and his intense passion for Athletics and for sport itself.
His work and support for EACA as Vice President and then through IFAC has been immense for 40 years.
His development work for World Athletics has been outstanding not only in raising standards of Coaching and Performance in Africa but in living a very special commitment to helping the less developed countries of the World Athletics family raise their game.
His initiatives spanned the full range of athlete and coach development. So at one end there is Kid’s Athletics and at the other his personal achievements as coach to Olympic Medallists; his leadership of great Italian Athletics Team performance; and his support of coaches whose athletes would populate the podiums in Olympic, World and European Arenas.
His many years devoted to design, development and delivery of the World Athletics  CECSProgram has influenced and impacted the endeavour of coaches and of Member Federations throughout World Athletics

Of course we all have our imperfections so we forgive his driving the wrong way up a one way street against heavy traffic in Rome. Or driving a Fiat Uno at 200kph on the autostrada. Or causing chaos by persistently using his mobile in meetings!
The fact is we loved Elio for such things and we might even smile in recalling that we would always hear him before we could see him. 
Those Athletes, Coaches and other World Athletics Family Members whose lives he touched will have heavy hearts today. Yet we will also feel deep gratitude and privilege that we walked some steps in our life journey with this great giant of our sport. 
There will in time be an occasion when we may celebrate his life and achievements.
Meanwhile our thoughts and prayers are first with Silvana, Emanuela and Marta. Then with the greater family of Athletics and Sport in his beloved Italy. 


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