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>news >Vincent Walsh joins to the IFAC 2020 fantastic line-up!

Vincent Walsh joins to the IFAC 2020 fantastic line-up!

Professor Vin Walsh

Vin Walsh is Professor of Human Brain Research in the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience.

He works on many aspects of perception and memory and is currently investigating lifelong learning and plasticity using behavioural, brain imaging and human brain stimulation methods.
He obtained a PhD in Visual Neuroscience from Manchester before spending 10 years in Oxford as a Royal Society University Research Fellow and joining UCL in 2002.

He collaborates widely and especially on all aspects of human brain stimulation which requires integration with medical and engineering sciences as well as with manufacturers and patient support groups.
About the interdisciplinary nature of the BASc he says: “The 21st century challenges for humanity require people to think across traditional subject boundaries. The ability to integrate across disciplines is what makes the difference between the merely intelligent and the intellectual. We need to begin to educate a healthy disrespect for boundaries.”

Professor Walsh amazed the crowd in 2013 during the International Festival of Athletics Coaching in Glasgow with his “Preparing to Learn: Preparing to Win”: we are confident he will do it again in Loughborough.

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