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>news >First Headline Speaker announced for IFAC 2020: Coach Vern Gambetta

First Headline Speaker announced for IFAC 2020: Coach Vern Gambetta

Coach Vern Gambetta
International Festival of Athletics Coaching 2020 will follow in the same footsteps as last year: same location & same time of year

The event will be held at Loughborough University, UK, 4 and 5 January 2020.

This year, the conference formula has changed now offering a two full day program. As always, there will be a rich blend of presentation and practical sessions.

We are also pleased to announce the first headline event speaker: Vern Gambetta.

Coach Gambetta needs no introduction, but let’s do it anyway: he was co-founder and first director of Track & Field’s coaching program in the United States, specialising in Multi-Events Coaching, Decathlon and Heptathlon but also involved in baseball, basketball , football, swimming hockey and many other sports. He is the author of seven books (his “Athletic Development” is a must for every coach) and he founded the GAIN network and the Functional Path Training blog.

Present at many previous IFAC conferences, Vern has been unable to attend since 2015 so huge welcome back!

Vern will address the IFAC 2020 theme “Coaches Leading Learning” by looking at making the athlete’s learning experience more effective and enriching”. Truly a ground breaking event presentation.

In the next few weeks we will publish an interview with Vern so stay in touch with us via facebook, linkedIn, Instagram & twitter.
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